• When buying bottarga, one often finds grey mullet bottarga that is not amber-orange in colour, but is more reddish-brown; this makes us think that the darker bottarga is not as good as the other. Instead, ovarian sacks extracted from grey mullets of the same school and fished at the same time can have roe of different colours: varying from yellow, to orange, to dark-orange. This depends, first of all, on the vascolarization of the ovary that varies from fish to fish and which thus determines the colour of the roe. In addition, bottarga undergoes a natural process of oxidation maturing with time (like ham, cheese etc.) which may change its colour over the span of 90/120 days lending it more complex flavours, savory and decisive, but non the lesser. It is useful to know that this type of mature bottarga is particularly valued by connoisseurs.
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