Terra Acqua Acciao Fuoco
  • Land, origin of all life and source of every nutrient; our roots and our history for which we feel deep gratitude and respect.

    Water is never only one thing: it is river, it is sea, it is lake, pond, ice, it is fresh, salt, brackish, it is where one stops and where one travels, it is pleasure and fear, enemy and friend, it is boundary and infinity, it is change and timelessness, memory and oblivion, it is music and poetry. Beginning and End.
  • Steel is metaphor of technology, of quality, of safetly, of hygiene - even more so in the food industry - but steel is also metaphor of the future that awaits us, of scientific and technologic innovation to which we look faithfully with curiousity and impatience.

    Fire represents the allegory of love, the commitment and the passion for the work that I do for almost 30 years.
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